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Shrek's Adventure London is a one-of-a-kind immersive walking tour that takes you on a journey into the magical world of Shrek and his trusted friends. Here you will meet Cinderella as you reach Shrek's swamp, enjoy an interactive encounter with Puss in Boots, save Pinocchio from the Wheel of Torture and go on a quest to find the magic ingredients that will take you back home.

The entire tour is made up of 10 lively shows where actors act out these fairytale-themed shows. Then there is the spellbinding storytelling and amazing special effects that let you see, touch, hear and feel the actual vibe of the movie scenes.

Apart from the fun adventures with Shrek, you also get to meet other famous DreamWorks characters. Some of these are Gloria from Madagascar, Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, Po and Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, and a few others. To top it all the place also offers an incredible and interactive 4D Marvel show, which uses special effects and sound effects to offer you one of the best experiences. This place is one of the best attractions in London to visit in a group.

Know Before You Visit Shrek's Adventure London

Shrek's Adventure London is a totally immersive experience with interactive shows, amazing props, fascinating storytelling and fantastic special effects. During the tour, visitors get to be a part of the storytelling, go on quests, take part in game shows, etc. Visitors get to meet famous DreamWorks characters like Shrek, Princess Fiona, Puss in Boots and many more.

Essential Information
How To Reach?
Essential Information

Location: Shrek's Adventure Westminster Bridge Road, Riverside Building, County Hall London SE1 7PB.

Timing: Shrek's Adventure is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm.

  • The first tour of the day starts at 10:00 a.m. and the last tour starts at 2:45 pm.
  • Each tour lasts about 75 minutes.

Best Time To Visit: Shrek's Adventure London is an indoor attraction and hence can be visited any time of the Year. However, for any of your visits, the best time would be in the first slot which starts at 10:00 a.m. This is usually the time when the crowd is less and you get to explore the space with more space.

Facilities Inside Shrek's Adventure London

Facilities Inside Shrek's Adventure London

Toilets: Toilets inside Shrek's Adventure are located on the first floor near the lifts. It is advisable to use the toilets before the tour starts so that you do not miss out on any section later on when the show starts

Wheelchair accessibility: Shrek's Adventure admits one wheelchair use for each tour. For wheelchair accessibility, you will need to book your slot online along with your tour tickets. The entrance is easily accessible by wheelchairs as it is on ground level and it is without steps. Visitors can reach the first floor by using the lift. Most of the tour is on level paths but some attractions like The Magic Bus Depot and the Rickety bridge have an uneven surfaces and an incline. The 4D Magic Bus is also wheelchair accessible if the visitor can get on the seat and sit upright during the ride.

Carer Tickets: Carer tickets need to be booked in advance and relevant documents should be brought along for verification before the tour, as these tickets are subject to availability. Service dogs are permitted inside the facilities and the tour but they are not allowed on the ride due to safety regulations. Someone from your group has to be with the dog while they wait to rejoin you in the next section.

Mobility and Medical Requirements: Shrek's Adventure London ensures that every visitor gets to experience the unique attraction it presents, however, they are unable to enjoy every single ride due to their health condition. The most important point that needs to be highlighted is the fact that this is a walk-through attraction and there are not many places where you can sit. Visitors need to intimate the members of the guide team of their condition so that they may be advised about the different sections of the tour. The visitors can also make an informed decision about whether they wish to be part of some sections or not. Visitors with heart conditions, photosensitive epilepsy, claustrophobia, spine neck or back problems, pregnant ladies, autism and other neurodiverse conditions, etc. should inform the tour guides beforehand.

Security Check: Shrek's Adventure London makes the safety and security of its visitors one of its top priorities; they have installed a vigorous security system that ensures total protection of its visitors. Just make sure that when you visit Shrek's Adventure you reach a few minutes early so that you can go through the enhanced security checks and still start the tour on time.

Enhanced bag and personal belonging checks: To ensure that your visit is enjoyable as well as safe and secure there are several stages of security checks at Shrek's Adventure London. These checks include bags and checking of personal belongings which is done before you enter the attraction. Bags will be screened and checked and other personal belongings as well. Visitors will also need to empty their pockets in a given tray and then be screened by security personnel.

Metal detectors and security arches:

  • Additional security in the form of metal detectors, wand metal detectors and security arches are kept in place at Shrek's Adventure.
  • Given below are a list of items that are prohibited at Shrek's Adventure
  • Any object that can be used as a weapon.
  • Firecrackers or smoke bombs.
  • Glass bottles or any other objects which can cause bodily harm or are categorized as offensive or/and dangerous.
  • Sharp objects or anything that can be construed as a security threat. These include knives, corkscrews, metal nail files, pen knives, toy guns, and scissors.
  • Any kind of intoxicating beverage, substances or liquor.
  • Illegal substances and/or legal stimulants or mood-altering substances.
  • Scooters, rollerblades, skateboards.
  • Drones.

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Is there a parking facility in Shrek's Adventure London?

    No Shrek's Adventure London does not have its own parking area but it does have arrangements with three parking lots within walking distance where you can park your car. You can get discounted parking at Q-Park and the National Theater Car Park on advance bookings.

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