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Shreks Adventure London Admission Tickets
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Shreks Adventure London Admission Tickets
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  • Get a glimpse into the fascinating world of your favourite Green Ogre by taking a tour of Shrek's Adventure London

  • Travel to the Far Far Away in a wonderful 4D flying bus with the cheeky Donkey who will be your tour guide

  • Enjoy 12 incredible live performances with engrossing storytelling in this 70-minute fairy tale Shrek themed show

  • Meet a group of well-known characters, including Cinderella, Pinocchio, the Gingerbread Man, and Puss in Boots

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Must Know Before You Go
  • ID proof is mandatory for each individual guest upon arrival.
  • Foreign nationals may be asked to share their passport and visa details upon arrival.
  • Tours are in English only.
  • On weekends & during busy periods buggies may have to be stored in the buggy parking area before taking the tour.
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About Shrek's Adventure London

Experience the magical setting of the creative world of cartoons, as you enter into the[ Shrek’s Adventure London](, filled with fantasies and adventures. At the park, located in the London Dungeon, witness the magnificent setting of as many as 360 sets, uniquely blending entertainment with an interesting story to tell. By setting yourself on an adventure with Shrek and his gang you won’t only be enjoying the feeling of thrill but also an enchanting time at 10 fairy tales themed shows. While taking an interactive walk in Far Far Away World visitors are invited over to meet Puss in Boots, Princess Fiona, Donkey and others from the gang of Shrek.

 The list of adventures that visitors can explore at the park includes a flying magic bus which doesn’t fly but will surely entertain you at its fullest with a soulful music performance. Don't fear the obstacle filled path to The Swamp where Shrek resides, though you might not find him there but Cindrella would welcome you. A range of shows are arranged at the park to let you immerse in the magic of Farquaad's Dungeon, Mirror Maze of Insanity and a special meet with Shrek himself. 

Highlights of Shrek Adventure London


- Dive into the world of DreamWorks and meet your favourite cartoon characters like Princess Fiona, Donkey, Pinnochio and Shrek himself. 

- The amazing adventures included in the Shrek's Adventure tickets at the park consists of the Flying Magic Bus, The Swamp, Rumplestiltskin's carriage and a range of shows like Farquaad's Dungeon, Mirror Maze of Insanity and many others. 

- In the magical world of Shrek, try to cook your favourite chocolate muffins with the Muffin Man by blabbering the secret magic spell. 

- Meet Cinderella in the Swamp while following directions on a journey towards Shrek’s adventure zone. She will provide you all the ingredients one would require on their adventurous journey with Shrek. 

General Tickets for Shrek Adventure London

There are numerous Shrek’s Adventure tickets available, from Standard tickets to combo tickets. One can choose the ticket option according to their budget and availability. Book your tickets online that will help you skip the long queues at the counter and save your time and money, as you will get various deals and discounts through these tickets.

Standard Ticket

Standard tickets offer visitors to indulge in various activities that the Shrek’s Adventure has on offer. Enjoy the company of your favourite cartoon characters as you enter the world of your dreamy fairytale story. With your Standard Shrek’s Adventure tickets you get to roam around this adventurous setting for 70 minutes, offering you ample time to live your dream with your favourite characters, like Po from Kung Fu Panda, and many others. The visitors would be required to start their adventure in the time slots they have preferred in the standard Shrek's Adventure tickets. Only with a prior notice of 24 hours, can the visitors reschedule the trip for free.

Anytime Ticket

Buy Anytime Shrek’s Adventure tickets and get access to unlimited fun and adventure with your favourite character from your beloved fairytale. With the flexibility of visiting the place anytime within a day, you get full authority to plan your day as you wish. This particular variation would let the visitors rejoice the magic of the Shrek’s adventure and the whims of Kung fu Panda at their time of convenience on the day of booking of tickets. Enjoy the 4D ride at this amazing adventure park with your tickets and create a fun filled day with your young ones.

Cinderella at Shrek
Entry Ticket + Character Ears

Why not take up the role of your favourite character from the world of shrek’s adventure, as you discover more on the journey? Lets book for character ears along with your Shrek's Adventure tickets and make the trip even more memorable. On getting entry into the Kingdom of Far Far Away which is the Shrek universe permissible under your tickets, don’t put off your character ears anytime during the journey and feel more of the magical world deeply. If you wish to reschedule your Shrek's Adventure ticket, inform the park authorities before 24 hours of your arrival and you can embark on the journey of shrek’s adventures on any other day of your convenience. 

family & friends
Friends & Family Ticket

Though the park has been designed taking the vivid imagination of the imaginary world of kids for the purpose of entertaining them, but with the friends and family tickets adults can join along as well. While taking the 70 minute interactive walk included in this ticket adults can tread across the different settings at representation which would remind them of their childhood adventures. Under the tickets they would join others like Donkey, Princess Fiona, Pinocchio and gingerbread man on moving towards the Far Far Away world. Not only would the visitors take a long walk across the adventure land but also set themselves on the adventures which are included in their tickets, the best one being the 4D flying bus. With this variation of Shrek's Adventure tickets you would avail 3 entry tickets, call in your family or your friends and hop on this amazing journey. 

picture perfect
Picture Perfect Ticket

Select this variation of Shrek's Adventure ticket and after joining Shrek and others on their magical journey, reserve yourself a 15 minutes time slot to take back the memoir of the journey in the form of a picture with your favourite characters. Don’t forget that the picture perfect tickets can be booked only online, so grab your tickets prior in advance. You may collect the pictures while returning back to your homes at the capture point located towards the end of the attraction. 

Multi-Attraction Tickets at Shrek Adventure London

If you’re planning to visit Shrek’s Adventure in London, then why not add some other attractions in your tour of London as well. Shrek’s Adventure zone is located at a prominent site where it’s surrounded by attractions like Sea Life London Aquarium, London Eye and Madame Tussauds. Therefore, by collecting combo packages of the following kinds you may purchase entry tickets of different spots which would be accessible upto 3 months. 

Shrek's Adventure + Sea Life London Aquarium
Shrek's Adventure + Sea Life London Aquarium

An affordable yet amazing combo it would be covering the two important attractions to take you on a London tour. The pack would include Shrek's Adventure tickets and entry tickets to [Sea Life London Aquarium](, visitors are required just to select their preferable dates of visit and a suitable time slot. The package allows you to use the entry tickets of other attractions included in the combo anytime between 90 days from the day of they bought the tickets, where you can even reschedule your tickets during the time period and can plan to utilise the tickets on some other day. All the visitors above the age of 15 are required to take along their 18+ years old guardians along on the trip. 

Shrek's Adventure + London Eye
Shrek's Adventure + London Eye

Combine two of the most popular attractions of the city into one combo, as you select your Shrek’s Adventure ticket. Get an exclusive panoramic view of the whole city with the river Thames in the backdrop of every aesthetic picture you click. With this combo ticket you will get a 90 days shelf-life for your ticket that will help you explore both[ London Eye]( and Shrek Adventure in detail. Admire your favourite cartoon characters like Po from Kung Fu Panda along with many others. The visitors must keep checking for the various entry conditions and restrictions that apply on some shows/rides at the respective sites of the attractions included in their package. 

Shrek's Adventure + London Eye + Sea Life Aquarium
Shrek's Adventure + London Eye + Sea Life Aquarium

Book for this even larger package including the three of the most amazing sites to locate to get a wholesome feel of the city of London. Reserve your tickets to accompany Shrek on his adventures and become part of his gang of Dream Wroks at the Far Far Away world and get on the London Eye in the evening when you can immerse in the enchanting beauty of London Skyline. To make it even better, why don’t you try swimming with the fishes of all kinds at SEA LIFE aquarium, and make it an edutainment journey by making interaction with these little beautiful colourful creatures with the help of the guides guiding you along all the while. 

Shrek's Adventure + London Eye + Madame Tussauds London
Shrek's Adventure + London Eye + Madame Tussauds London

Feel yourself dwindling between the magic of the imaginary world of Shrek and others brought to life in London Dungeon as you buy these three-in-one combo tickets. The glam of the pop modern world at [Madame Tussauds]( can be experienced within this ticket as well. Meanwhile, travel to the London Eye by a pier on river Thames to set your soul at the glistening sun as it goes behind the majestic skyline of London in the evening. The visitors are allowed to take up the journey at their own pace anytime between 90 days after setting an adventure in the magics of Shrek’s world. You would be allowed to reschedule your visit for free on informing the managerial authorities 24 hours in advance. 

Know Before You Book Shrek's Adventure London Tickets

Essential Information
How To Reach
Essential Information

- Location- Westminster Bridge Road Riverside Building, County Hall, London SE1 7PB England. It’s located in the neighbourhood of Southbank. 

- Operational Timings- 10:00 AM to 03:00 PM

- Best Time To Visit- It’s best to reserve your Shrek's Adventure tickets with an early hour slot when the park is least visited and you can enjoy its magic without any hurry of time or hussle of crowd. It would be the most convenient to visit during these hours as you would not have to wait in queues on different rides and shows for your turn to enjoy the adventure. You would even have a lot more time in the morning hours to meet and greet your favourite cartoon characters. 

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Shrek's Adventure London Tickets FAQs

What is the minimum age required to book Shrek's Adventure London Tickets?

    Visitors of all ages are welcomed to get their Shrek's Adventure tickets booked and embark on an adventurous journey but the attraction is most suitable for the visitors falling in the age group 6 years and over. Keep in notice that all the visitors of 15 years and under must be accompanied by a guardian of 18 years old

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